Art Is A Luxury

I have often noticed that people are tire kickers when it comes to art, especially when the artist is just emerging onto the scene. People’s eyes turn as big as saucers and they pause their breath for a moment when the price of the piece is given. That prompts them to say something along the lines of, “Let me speak with so and so and I’ll get back to you.” At first, the artist is hopeful but with time we all know what that line ultimately means for the fate of our piece- That we will still own it another day.

The truth is, for many artists, it is hard to not take it personally as they see it is a slight on them. Thoughts of, “maybe I’m not good enough to have an item in your home,” cut through the mind and burn hot. The reason behind this thought process is not because the artists are soft but because the piece of art is more than a painting or sculpture, it is a visual extension of themselves laid bare for the world to see. Imagine if your job made you expose yourself in such a deep way, would you rethink your work if it was your sole passion? Countless hours of thought, emotion and toil are converted into a tangible representation of the artist’s own soul and psyche and it’s almost as if the person is stating that the artist themselves aren’t worthy. Most people who do not produce art do not understand the depth of what it truly is, someone’s feelings and emotions, so when you tell an artist that their feelings AKA, artwork, doesn’t warrant anything, it can be heart breaking. The best thing is to not dangle that shred of hope and just be honest, you can’t or don’t want to afford it. It’s that simple and it’s quite ok because someone will eventually scoop it up with pride. Art is a luxury and not everyone appreciates it for what it is.

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